Bluehost Review: What Makes Bluehost Stand Out?

by | Apr 24, 2022

If you are looking to build a website to link up with your customers, then you will need the best web hosting service. In that case, Bluehost can be the perfect choice for you. It’s stable, easy to use, and quite affordable to buy.

Offering many outstanding services and features, Bluehost works like a charm for hobbyists and business professionals. 

However, many hosting providers do that, but it’s different about Bluehost. You will get a new website builder which can be integrated into WordPress. Bluehost has stood out in the market because of its tremendous flexibility and features. 

Hence, wanna know more about this amazing web hosting provider and site builder? Then don’t worry. In this Bluehost review, we will take a look at what’s under the hood and how good this platform really is. We will see whether it is the right solution for your next website project or not. 

What Is Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies which is known for its WordPress expertise. Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth had first founded this company in 2003. After that, Bluehost was taken by conglomerate Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2010. And in 2017, Suhaib Zaheer has become the new CEO. 

However, Bluehost is now powering up over 2 million websites in the world. Offering many hosting plans and services at an entry-level price, many people from all around the world has been attracted to this web host. Plus, if you buy any plans, you will get a domain name for free. Along with its great customer support option and affordable hosting plans, Bluehost is a nice perk that you should consider buying. 

What makes it so famous? Because Bluehost is very easy to use, even if you are a beginner in the web development sector, you can easily utilize this web host. In addition, you are getting a pretty nice hosting plan which is very affordable to buy. Hence, continue reading to find out more about what you will get and why we think that Bluehost is the best value for money choice. 

What Makes Bluehost Stand Out?

You may think that there are so many web hosting companies available out there, so what’s the difference on Bluehost that makes it stand out? Well, the answer is pretty simple and complicated as well. You are getting so many features and services that you won’t get from the other companies. 

Offers More Than Shared Hosting

Bluehost offers almost every web hosting service and feature that you would probably require while building a professional website. That includes advanced hosting like VPS, managed WordPress hosting, and dedicated servers. 

There is a managed part that means Bluehost will control the technical parts, like automatically keeping the troublesome WordPress plugins updated for you, auto-update the core, enhancing security, and improving performance. As soon as you start using this web host, you will start to like it for sure. 

One-Stop-Shop for Small Enterprises

If you are an owner of a small business, then you would probably need to advertise your business. But in digital marketing, you will have to spend tons of money which is surely not good. Also, there are plenty of falses and backdated tactics information available on the web, which may cause destruction to your business. 

But in the Bluehost, you will get so many services and daily mail about some useful tactics on how you can expand your business. Here are some of their services which you should consider using. 

Websites: Bluehost has an easy DIY site builder which will help you to create your own website. Also, you can use their design pros to build a site for you.

SEO, Advertising, and Social media marketing

You will get professional Bluehost marketing services that will help you to advertise your business. That includes generating content for your site. Additionally, you can get a monthly consultation with a marketing specialist. They examine your website progress and gives you a final report where you can see your ROI.

Domains, Email, and Useful Tutorials:

They have so many how-to articles on their website. Those contents are about website management, hosting, and marketing topics. You can read those to improve your website. 

Bluehost Features and Offerings 

As we told you before, Bluehost is providing you more than what you can usually expect from a bargain-priced hosting plan. There are so many features and abilities that will blow up your mind out of excitement. Here are some of the best key features of Bluehost: 

Great Security

Bluehost is well known for its outstanding security. It has one of the best security standards available on the market. All the Bluehost security features are very effective and will assist you in saving hours of time from tweaking your website. Also, using the Bluehost service will give you peace of mind, which is very useful for beginners. 

What are the security features? Well, it doesn’t matter which hosting plan you choose to buy; you will get resource protection and CodeGuard Backup Basic with the plan. You can add these additional services for only a $2.99 per month fee. CodeGuard is very useful for daily backups and monitoring the websites. If any changes are made, you will be notified instantly. 

However, even if you buy the most basic version of Bluehost, you can enjoy 1GB storage space, daily backup and monitoring, and three restorations per month. On the other hand, if you buy the most expensive plans like Choice Plus and Pro, then you can enjoy free automatic backups and 24/7 network monitoring for one year. So, isn’t it a great web host? 

Extensive and Fast Customer Support

The extensive and fast customer support is another excellent feature of Bluehost. Fast and helpful customer support is paramount for a web host company. But finding a provider that offers you these features is like finding a treasure. However, luckily, Bluehost is offering you all the necessary services that you would need. 

Most of the users of Bluehost said that Customer care support is very helpful and supportive. When you need immediate support, you can rely on them. Even there is a plus point of their care support, which is, you can connect with the live chat support within only five minutes of waiting, where other web hosts take even more time. 

In addition, you won’t need to worry about the time zone because all the support base services of Bluehost are available 24/7. So, you can connect with them whenever you want. Hence, apart from the Live Chat support, there are also has some other options, for instance, phone call and email support. But the waiting time will vary. 

However, in the meantime, you can pass the time by reviewing the comprehensive knowledge base support forum for knowing various FAQs, videos, in-depth articles, and support resources regarding web hosting-related. 

Professional Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is like a soul for a business. Apart from hosting services, Bluehost is ready to help your business to grow by providing design ideas and marketing strategies. Because of that, you can focus on other tragedies like generating revenue or running the business. 

There are four main services that are offered by Bluehost in this arena. Those are:

  • Provides full website support by offering design, marketing, and content resource.
  • Helps to optimize your website by giving SEO and targeted keywords
  • Features a PPC service that helps you in pay-per-click campaigns and provides the best methods to get more users
  • Assist in the website migration process that includes one-on-one consultations. On the consultation, they will review your whole website before and after the migration process. 

However, the price of these services is not provided on the website. To buy or know the price, you need to discuss and contact them by the support option. 

Easy to Use

Bluehost is not only a popular web host in the world, but also it is the most user-friendly and very easy to use. It is very well known because of its features, products and appreciable services. But many people in the world use this web host because they can easily operate and do their job. 

Ease of access is a mandatory segment for a web host provider. Because using an important feature can be very confusing sometimes. If the users cant even utilize their deserved features and services, then it doesn’t matter to be a web host. 

Thanks to Bluehost, you can easily get access to your desired features and services without getting confused. In addition, Bluehost has a very easy onboarding process which will need only a few minutes to do. By completing that onboarding process, your website will be up and running. There will be an intuitive user interface, which will ask you to fill-up the form. In the form, you will need to provide your website goals, what you want to add to your site, or what do you prefer for your name and the tagline of your website. 

Once you finished answering these questions, you will be needed to select a theme that you prefer. Those themes will come from the Bluehost Marketplace. However, after selecting the theme, it automatically is installed as well as WordPress which will allow you supreme convenience. 

After installing the theme and WordPress, all you have to do is customizing the website. In the meantime, Bluehost will take care of the backend and the technical stuff. 

Free site builders

If you are a newbie in this sector, and even if you don’t know about web development at all, you can still build a professional website for your business. If you purchase the Bluehost plan, then it will come with a built-in website page builder, which is mainly designed for WordPress and beginners. 

The user interface is pretty neat and clean. To build a professional website, all you have to do is just drag and drop the blocks and sections. You will get the full ability to create a webpage without knowing even HTML. The page builder integrates into WordPress, which will bring you immense flexibility to the renowned content management system. Because of that, Bluehost has become our co-editors Choice pick for WordPress hosting.

High-Performance Servers

One of the most useful and helpful features of Bluehost hosting is that it offers a very high-performance server to all users who purchase the pro plan. However, it’s not a good deal for budget users. But in our opinion, you get what you paid for. However, because of the high-speed server, your website will load even faster than others. It will help you to get Google AdSense and Pagespeed approval. 

If you are planning to build a website for large eCommerce, then you can get access to Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers for only $14.95 per month. This server can be a perfect choice if you don’t want to fork out more money because Bluehost will make sure that there are a few users per server with an individual file count of 300,000. So there will be no slowdowns issue for anyone who gets involved. 

Hence, if you don’t want to pay more money for getting a high-speed server, then in our opinion, those usual Bluehost servers that come with the other plans can be a perfect fit for your website. Those are appreciable and work like a charm. 

Bluehost Pricing and Plans 

Bluehost features quite a few hosting plans for each website’s goals and needs. And these offered plans are pretty straightforward and clear. But after going through these plans, you may get confused about which one will work best for you. Hence, fear not. We described each and every plan so that you can decide which one you should get.  

Now, let’s break it down into each level.

Shared Hosting

Using shared hosting is the easiest way to start a website. If you are a beginner and want to create from scratch, then this plan will be the perfect fit for your website. A shared hosting plan is a type of web hosting where a single physical server hosts many sites. That means, in a single web host, many websites will be shared. But that doesn’t mean your speed will decrease or lose. 

Here are the prices of Shared Hosting

  • Basic: $4.95 / per month on a 12-month term. $2.95 / per month on a 36-month term 
  • Plus: $7.45 / per month on a 12-month term. $5.45 / per month on a 36-month term 
  • Choice Plus: $7.45 / per month on a 12-month term. $5.45 / per month on a 36-month term
  • Pro: $18.95 / per month on a 12-month term. $13.95 / per month on a 36-month term

However, if you are planning to build a new website for only simple tasks, then you can start with the basic plan, which is for only $2.95 per month. It should be more than enough because the basic plan will come with 50 GBs of storage space. 

Additionally, you will get a free domain for one year, free CDN, free SSL certificate, custom themes, and 24/7 support. For a single website, it’s enough. SSL certificate secures your website. If you enable this feature, a padlock icon will appear beside the address bar, which indicates that your website is secured. 

In the Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro hosting plans, you will get the ability to create unlimited websites and can enjoy unlimited SSD storage and free Office 365 for 30 days. 

VPS Hosting

VPS or virtual private server hosting means when hosting is in a shared server but works as a dedicated virtual space for your website. Nowadays, VPS hosting has become a very reputable and popular hosting plan. Because you can purchase this host in a less expensive way compared to the dedicated hosting hence, you will get more reliable security and conceivably better performance than shared hosting. 

Here are the prices of VPS Hosting

  • Standard: $18.99 on the first month, up to $29.99 after that
  • Enhanced: $29.99 on the first month, up to $59.99 after that
  • Ultimate: $59.99 on the first month, up to $119.99 after that

Dedicated Hosting

The primary advantages of dedicated hosting are security, more privacy, and even more power all around your website. If you are noticing that your website is growing consequently and getting more visitors, then it’s high time you should upgrade your hosting plan to a dedicated one. 

Hence, now take a look at the prices of Bluehost Dedicated Plans:

  • Standard: $79.99 on the first month, $119.99 per month after that.
  • Enhanced: $99.99 on the first month, $159.99 per month after that.
  • Premium: $119.99 on the first month, $209.99 per month after that.

In the Standard and Enhanced plan, you will get a 4 x 2.5GHz CPU. And in the Premium plan, they offer a 4 x 3.3GHz CPU. The storage is varying from 500GB to 1 TB (mirrored). RAM is 4 GB in the Standard plan and 16 GB in the Premium plan. So, you can now understand that how powerful this hosting is.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is a very powerful plan that focuses on users who are planning to build their websites by using WordPress. In this plan, you will get so many useful features and services that will help you to optimize your website more proficiently. For instance, they offer scalability, safety protection, speed, and care support for your professional WordPress website. 

  • Build –  $19.95 per month; it’s best for 50,000 monthly visitors
  • Grow – $29.95 per month; it’s best for 150,000 monthly visitors
  • Scale – $49.95 per month; it’s best for 500,000 monthly visitors

Pros and Cons of Bluehost 

Every good thing has its individual disadvantages. And Bluehost is not an exception. There are so many useful key features and services that make it a good web host. But there are some other disadvantages as well. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Bluehost.


  • 24/7 customer support is available 
  • Provides a one year of free domain
  • Every plan comes with a free SSL certificate
  • It gives you a quick site setup that helps to understand the interface
  • Beginner-friendly
  • The security features are flat-out excellent
  • Offers a wide range of web hosting options
  • Easy to upgrade the plans
  • Offers free anti-spam solutions which are built right in the cPanel


  • Bluehost will charge you for site migrations
  • You must do your own daily backups for full security.


Bluehost makes the process very easy and fast to build a website and keep running. It has an easy-to-use cPanel interface which is perfect for beginners. Additionally, it provides a wide range of exceptional features that helps to optimize the website. There are so many other key features that we described in this Bluehost review. We hope that you now have full wisdom about this web host. 



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