How to Start a Successful Blog Today

by | Sep 20, 2021

So, you are thinking about starting a blog, but you don’t have any idea how or where to start, right? Guess what— we got you back covered! If you are looking for an easy guide on how to start a successful blog, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will show you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can start your blogging. Even if you are a beginner, there is to worry about. The steps below are meant for both beginners and experts. 

By following the simple, easy steps that we mentioned below, you can create your own blog that generates over $1000 per month. Making $100,000 per month, especially for a blog, is really hard. But making $1000 per month is a lot easier. So, in this article, we will guide you step by step so that you can easily create a successful blog. Okay, that’s enough chit-chat. Now let’s move on to the main point of this article. 

But before beginning to start a blog, there are some major concerns that you should know, like what is a blog or should you really start a blog? Let’s find it out. 

What is a Blog? 

A blog is also known as Blog Posts which is a kind of online diary or informational website that displays informational contents in reversed chronological order with the newest posts coming first. Actually, a blog website is a platform where a writer or an author shares their individual unique content. Usually, it’s a regularly updated website where the latest post is frequently published. 

In 1994, Justin Hall from Swarthmore College is credited for creating the first blog. Although, it wasn’t considered as a blog website— just a personal homepage. However, right now, you are reading this post which is actually a blog. This is the perfect example that you would understand.  

Should You Really Start a Blog? 

Blogging is now one of the easiest and most accessible ways to start your own business. By writing blog posts, you can earn a handsome amount of money online from anywhere in the world. Additionally, there is no mandatory rule for being an expert writer. You can easily earn money by writing, and you don’t require to be a professional writer or a web developer. 

There is the biggest misconception that flows in many peoples that, in order to be a successful blogger, you have to be a great writer, which is not true. You don’t need any educational certificates or ages of experience in the field or a degree to write blogs and become successful. That’s why many successful and renowned bloggers write in a very informal tone and conversational style. 

But there is only one requirement that you will need to be a successful blogger, which is Passion. Firstly you have to choose the topic that you will write for your blog. Hence, you have to be very passionate about your chosen topic. Otherwise, ultimately you won’t feel any interest in writing. 

So, why should you start blogging? There are some advantages to be a blogger. Let’s check it out. 

  • Share your knowledge: Owning a blog will let you share your own story with the whole world if you want to. Many bloggers use their blog site as a diary where they can write about their daily experiences. And it allows the entire world, including their family, friends, or others, so that they can be a part of their lives. 
  • Earning money from home: If you blog properly, then it can be quite a profitable source of income. There are some top and best bloggers in the world who certainly make quite a bit of money.

Part-Time Earning: Even if you are a part-time blogger, you can still expect to earn a good amount of profit. But the condition is the same; things should be done precisely. That means you have to keep blogging regularly. It’s kind of a form of passive income since you will have to spend just a few hours per day or week just to write some content. Then the profit will continue to grow, even if you leave blogging. And this is the best part of it. 

Full-Time Earning: In addition to that, you can blog intending for full-time earning. If you can once stand out your blog website, then no one can catch you anymore. You can earn quite a lot amount of dollars only from blogging. So, it’s a good idea to blog full time.

  • Identification for yourself: Obviously, you won’t expect Tom Cruise to follow you just because of your latest post. But if you can make your blog successful and gets your idea into a reality, then you can earn a ton of fame and recognition in your particular field. There are so many bloggers who are known as specialists or become famous just because of their creative blogs. Even some bloggers have written books and movies which is based on their blogs.

  • To Help the Others: Blogging can be a greater way to help other people. There are so many unknown things that many people don’t know at all. So, you can write about these topics and give a solution which will help the others. 
  • Connect with People: If you write blogs with your heart, then it would be very interactive. You are writing a blog post, and someones are commenting on it. This is a very useful way to relate with people who are engaged in the same topic as you are. A blog website is not only designed to teach other people based on your life, but also it presents you the possibility to learn from your visitors as well.
  • Why Not?

No Need to be a Great Writer to start a blog: Even if you don’t know how to write content professionally, you can still make money by writing a blog post. All you just need to do is to write the blog posts from your heart in arranging. Firstly, choose the niche for your website and pick a title for the content. Then start to write it in your own words. Eventually, you will begin to write the contents professionally. Also, if you don’t want to write by yourself, you can hire a content writer who will write your blog posts efficiently. 

No Need for a Huge time: One of the most interesting facts about blogging is that you don’t have to spend ages behind it. If you just spend eight to ten hours in a week behind the blog, you can still make an enormous amount of money. So, what are you waiting for? Start a blog today! 

No Need Huge Money: Like the other businesses, you won’t have to invest a lot of money for a blogging website. You just need to buy web hosting and get a domain name. These are the major things that you need to buy at an affordable price. And then you do everything else by yourself. But if you are lazy like me and hire a content writer, then the charges will increase. 

Now it’s high time we should take a look at how to start a successful blog. 

How to Start a Blog in 7 Steps

So, now that you are here, we suppose you are ready to take the leap and want to learn how to start a blog that can generate more than $1000 a month. Hence, let’s dive in. 

Step 1: Pick a Blog Niche (Topic)

First of all, You need to choose the perfect blog niche. The niche of your blog is the main topic that you will focus on to write content.

How to Choose a Blog Niche (Topic) 

If you can’t come up with an idea on which topic you should select to write about, then there are few ways to choose one. Let’s find it out. 

  • Experiences of Life. Every living being on earth has its own lessons that they have received within their life experience. If you share your life’s lesson with others, then it can be astonishingly beneficial to those who are in similar states. Nowadays, the social problem has increased like hell. So, if you have encountered some problems like how you dealt with your introverts, then start writing about them because there are a lot of introverts like me around the world who need some guidelines to deal with it. Not only about yourself, but also you can write about other life’s problems as well. So, you can choose this topic for your blog website, which will help a lot of people around the world. 
  • Personal Blog. As the name suggests, a personal blog will be a blog that is all about yourself. It can include so many types of topics to write about. For example, you can write about things that you do on a daily basis, or you can also write about some random thoughts that come up in your brain. So, what do you think? Isn’t it a good way to share your feelings with the entire world without even having to hold just one topic? 
  • Interests & Hobbies. Hobbies or other interests that you are enthusiastic about are an excellent niche to write about. It can be related to cookery, travel, style, games, or cars, which are all well-known examples. But even if your blog is related to more complicated hobbies, then it can still be successful as your visitors are literally anyone around the world with the help of the internet.

So, in this way, you can choose your blog’s niche depending on your interest. 

Step 2: Pick a Blog Name (Domain Name)

In this step, you have to pick a name for your blog website, which is also known as Domain Name. But make sure that you are choosing the domain name depending on your niche. The name you choose is what that reader will see first. So, it should be more convenient and attractive that represent your niche. It can be your own name or your business name, or a smart combination of words. 

How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name:

The domain name should be more descriptive. So that your visitors can instantly understand what your blog website is about just by looking at the name. But what if you don’t have any single idea for the name? Well, it’s pretty easy and not that tough task. 

If you are planning to blog about one specific topic, then try to include that keyword in your domain name. Also, try to only put only one word. For example, if the blog is about cooking, then it doesn’t mean you will have to put the “Cooking” word in the domain name. You can just include the “food,” “recipes,” or “snacks” words which will also allow the visitor to know that the blog is all about cooking-related. 

In this way, if you want to create a personal blogging website where you will talk about your life experience, then I would highly recommend you using your own name. Or you can also make some variations with the name since the blog posts will be written about you. For example, if your name is Scott Chow, then you can choose “Scott Chow Blog” as the domain name. Or you can also choose by making some variations like “Blogging with Scott.” 

As soon as you come up with some ideas, it’s time to choose a domain extension and check that if that domain name is available or not. We would highly recommend you to choose the “.com” extension since it’s very popular looks professional. But you can also choose “.net” or “.org” as well. In addition, you have to keep in mind that when you purchase the domain name, there won’t be any spaces between the words. So, if you choose “Blogging with Scott,” then it will become “” 

Check if your blog name is available

Step 3: Get Your Blog Online (Web Hosting) 

After picking up the name for your domain, it’s time to get your blog online. This is what a web host company will do for you. It might sound difficult or technical, but the steps that we described below will make the process very easy. 

First of all, you will need to choose the best web host company who is reliable and provides excellent features. Now you may want to know what web hosting is? Let’s find it out.

What is Web Hosting? 

In order to make your website obtainable to other people around the world on the Internet, you will have to get a “host.” A hosting company will keep all of your website’s data safely, securely and they will make sure that visitors can access your blog whenever they tap on a web link on google or type in the website’s URL in the browser manually. You can visualize this by imagining a web hosting company as your home. Whenever people enter the house (type in the blog’s URL), they will be able to view whatever is inside.

However, now that you know you have to choose a web host, you may get confused about which one you should pick. Personally, we would like to recommend to you a one and only web host company in this guide, which is and then click on the “Get Started” button. Then follow the below steps. 

  1. Select a Plan

After clicking on the “Get Started” button, you will be asked to select your desired hosting plan. In my opinion, I would recommend you to select the Choice Plus plan. Because you can enjoy so many features with this plan like Domain Privacy. It will guard your personal information that includes your full name, email address, phone number, and even home address against being advertised on the other platforms online.

Click here to visit Bluehost for details

But as you are a beginner, you can always choose the Basic plan. Hence, if you want to upgrade your plan, then you can easily do that. However, it’s time to select the plan. Just click on the blue “Select” button on the plan of your desired choice.

As we said before, we recommend you choose the Choice Plus plan because of the Domain Privacy feature. Because it will shield your personal information online, but you can get this feature on any other plans as well. You just have to select this feature extra on the checkout process. It will charge you around $1 per month. 

  1. Pick Your Blog’s Domain Name 

After selecting the Hosting Plan, it’s time to register your blog’s domain name. Once you enter this page where it says, “Create a new domain,” type in your preferred name for your blog. And select the extension. But if you want to use ”.com,” then leave it as it was. 

If you see a message saying, “ The domain is not available for registration,” it means your chosen name has already been occupied. So, you will have to choose another one, or you can also pick a one that they are suggesting on that respective page. 

However, if none of the ideas come up in your mind, then I would suggest you click on the “I’ll create my domain name later” option because you can think about eternity after creating the account. After selecting that option, you will be taken to the final step in this Sign-Up process, which is creating your account. 

  1. Create The Bluehost Account

Now start to fill up the blank boxes with your personal information like your name, email address (It’s really crucial to use an updated email address. Because all the important emails, your login details, and other account information will be sent to this mail.) and address. 

However, if you are lazy like me and don’t want to type the information manually, then you can easily do that by connecting the Bluehost account with your Google account. It works like a charm!

  1. Choose Your Preferred Hosting Package

On this page, you will need to select a plan which should depend on the price you want to pay per month and how far in advance you want to pay. However, keep in mind that Bluehost only gives options for you to pay 1, 2, 3, or 5 years in advance. Also, they don’t provide any monthly payment option. 

Because most of the hosting companies who are providing monthly payment options are charging a little bit more than usual. So, BlueHost is charging you a bit less and giving you the opportunity to purchase the plan yearly. 

Which Pricing Plan Would Be Best to Start a Blog?

In my opinion, I would recommend you to choose the Prime 36-month price plan. Because if you want to spend a bit less money on your web hosting, then this is the perfect plan that should blend in with your taste. in addition, you can secure your blog hosting at the lowest rate possible. It will also cover up your domain privacy for the next three years. 

However, this is a limited-time offer that is only available for new customers only. And it applies to the first payment and is only available for the Prime 36-month plan. So, if you choose the one-year plan, then the price will be higher than the three years plan. This is the reason why we would like to recommend you to choose the 36-month plan option. So, for the next three years, all the offer pricing will remain kept. 

  1. Select the Package Extras

This is the page where you can add some extra features to your hosting plan. But obviously, it’s not free at all. The prices are given besides the features’ names. I will only recommend you to keep the Domain Privacy Protection feature’s extra. And skip all the other extras since they are not much useful. There are so many plug-ins and addons in WordPress that allow you to use these features for free. So, why pay for these when you are getting them for free? 

In this guide, we will show you many free plug-ins and tools through which you can use things like site back-ups, rendering, SEO optimization, additional securities, and so on. However, if you previously selected the “Choice Plus” plan, then you will see that it says Free because it’s already included in the plan. 

But if you previously selected the Basic or Plus Plan, then you will need to add this to the Extra page if you want, though. By the way, you will have to pay around $1 per month if you want Domain Privacy Protection. 

However, when you finish choosing the extras, you will see the total amount of money that you have to pay today just for once. Keep in mind that, once you are done paying the amount, you won’t have to pay in the next 1, 2, 3, or 5 years depending on the plan you chose. In addition, there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee in case things don’t go as planned on your blog website.

  1. Enter your billing information

This is the last step for creating your account. Now you will have to pay the amount that showed before. On this page, input your billing information and check the box that says “I have read and agree to the Bluehost’s Terms and Conditions,” and then click on the Submit button. 

Congratulations on your first blog website that you just created. You have now officially completed the first important move in starting a blog. Now, wait for at least 10 minutes to fully activate your Domain. Although, BlueHost suggests you wait for about 24 to 48 hours. But in our case, 10 minutes were enough. 

In the next step, we will show you the step-by-step guide on how to get WordPress installed on a website by BlueHost. And later on in this article, you will find a lot of effective tips for optimizing your blog, as well as free and cheap plugins that you can install in order to make your blog looks cool.  Learn more about Bluehost.

Step 4: Customize and Design Your Blog with WordPress 

Now that we have passed the crucial step in making a blog website, it’s time to customize it. This is the most fun part of this guide. However, we will use WordPress to customize our website. Now you might ask that, what is WordPress? Actually, it is one of the most renowned Contents Management systems in the world. There are millions of bloggers who use WordPress to customize and manage their websites (that includes me as well). 

Moreover, according to the latest bloggers’ statistics, more than 60% of blogs run on this WordPress CMS software. Many famous websites like Forbes, TED, New York Observer, TechCrunch, Thought Catalog, and NBC are perfect examples of this because these websites are also built on the WordPress CMS system.  

Now it’s time to install the WordPress CMS on your website. But don’t worry, BlueHost will automatically install after purchasing their plan. Once the installation process is complete, click on the blue WordPress button. By doing so, you will be logged in to the administrator area of your website. 

Logging in

In the previous step, we described how you could sign in to the WordPress CMS with BlueHost. However, if you somehow aren’t already signed in from the previous step, then go to the website and hit on the “Login” button, which is located at the top right corner. Then enter your Domain Name and password to sign in. 

When you are done signing in to the Bluehost portal, click on the big WordPress button to automatically be redirected to the CMS panel. Now we from here on, we will start to begin the fun part. 

Customize the Blog Design 

After you logged in to the WordPress Dashboard, you can now change and customize the theme and other designs of your blog website. Design and customization is a characteristic matter that depends on how you want the blog to look. And one of the best things about WordPress is that you change your blog as you want with just a few clicks. 

Now, from here on, we are going to change the blog layout. However, in WordPress, it is known as “Themes.” Momentarily, a question may come to your mind that what is a WordPress blog theme? A theme is a pre-made blog layout, which will automatically change and customize your website. It has full control of the entire design of your Blog. 

However, in order to change the theme, we are going to hit on the “Appearance” tab, which is located on the left bar menu.

On this page, you will find many free themes that are already pre-installed on your website. Those are Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Twenty, and Twenty Twenty-One. Although these are readymade preinstalled themes, even those are full of quality, well-designed, and clean-looking. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of blog you are creating; these free themes can easily blend in with your blog. Even there are so many top blogging websites that are based on these free themes. 

If you don’t have any particular design idea in your mind, then we would suggest you install one of these free themes, to begin with. In this guide, we are going to install the “Twenty Twenty” just to show you how you can activate a theme. To activate that theme, hover over on the “Twenty Twenty” theme and click on the Activate button. Yeah! That’s all you have to do. Now you have successfully changed the whole structure of your website with just a few clicks. 

However, it’s normal that you may not like the pre-installed themes. And you have the full opportunity to select the best free themes from thousands of them. To do that, click on the “Appearance” tab as before and click on the “Add New Theme” button.

On the screen you are on now, you will find over a thousand themes here to choose from. This page is called the WordPress theme search screen. You can easily change the whole design of your blog by simply installing a new theme from here. 

To activate a theme, we will suggest you to the “Popular” tab and start browsing. Once you get your desired one, hit on the blue “Install” button and wait a few minutes. After installing the theme, click on the Activate button to fully complete the process. 

Want something premium? 

If you want a premium design with some outstanding features, then you can use a premium theme, which is “Divi.” It incredibly looks cool and very fast, which is very important for a blogging website. In addition, you will find over 140 layouts on Divi. Also, they offer a huge selection of ready-made web pages that you can use to jump-start your blogging website. That’s why we recommend you use Divi to customize your website.

However, now, if you want to see how your blog has changed, just go to your blog’s website and take a look at the beauty. Although you just changed the theme, there is still a lot of other things that you can change. But to do that, you will have to install a page builder plug-in. In my opinion, I would suggest you choose “Beaver Builder” or “Elementor” page builders because these are very popular and easy to use. Also, we already reviewed about “Beaver Builder” page builder that you can find on our website. 

Step 5: Write Your First Masterpiece & Publish It

Now that you are here, we assume that your blog is now gotten into the web and running smoothly. So, it’s time to do the actual blogging that we were waiting for. Now, let’s write our very first masterpiece and publish it. 

How to Publish a New Blog Post? 

First, navigate to the left bar menu and hit on the “Posts” option. 

Now, you may see a post already posted! This is a dummy post that WordPress created for the test. So, we don’t need that. Click on the red “Trash” button to delete this post. However, in order to start writing your first post, click on the “Add New” button, which you will find besides the Posts text. 

Once you click the Add New button, you will be redirected to a Post Editor screen. You can compare it to the Microsoft Word software. It looks similar, though. However, now, give your post a title in the top box. Then, start writing your post beneath it. 

You can also include several media files, like Images, Gifs, videos, etc. To add a picture, click on the down arrow icon and choose the “Inline Image” option. Then upload your image and select it. There is also an option through which you can resize the image. 

If you want, then you can also add a featured image. It will make your post look good. Also, add some tags; it’s good for SEO

When you are all done writing your post, click on the Publish button, which is located in the top right corner. Once done, your post will be online. 

Pages That Need to be on Your Blog 

There are two major types of pages that you need to add to your blog. Those are Static and Dynamic content pages. Now some questions may appear on your mind that what are those? Let’s answer your confusion. 

Static Webpage: Static contents are basic essential pages that your blog has to contain. Those pages are expressly designed to give the visitors all the necessary things that they want. However, all the contents on those web pages will be static. That means– no matter what happens, the contents won’t change by the visitors. Only one way to change these contents is to edit the page by you. Also, static pages are usually high-level pages that can be reached by a menu on your blog.

Here are some of the static content pages that should be on the spot well before you publish your website to the world.

  • About Me (Us) – On this page, you have to include a brief summary of the author(s) statement as well as the goal of your blog. To help you a little bit, we are giving you some questions. Try to think hard about these and answer briefly. Why and how do you feel about blogging matters? What are the main subjects that you want to show to the world? What is the ultimate goal of your blog?
  • Contact Me (Us) – Having a contact page is very important for a blogging website. Because it gives the visitors a place where they can reach the author, in this way,  the visitors will have the reassurance that you are not a fake but a genuine author. However, on this page, you can include your physical home or business address, mobile number, and custom email address for your blog. Hence, you can also use a blank contact form in order to keep your personal information hidden. On the other hand, it would be best if you put links to all of your social media profiles as well.

Keeping aside from your blog posts, these two pages are really important. So, make sure that these pages are introduced on the top header menu and should be very easy to access. 

However, now let’s take a look at the other static web pages that are evenly as important but less engaging. Those are:

  • Disclaimer Page: If you are really intending to monetize your website and earn money online, then you have to explain the ways you plan to make money. Disclaimer Page is an undeniable must-have web page that should not be ignored because of the FTC guidelines. 
  • Privacy Policy: This is the page where you will give all the explanations of why you are collecting data from your users. You have to add this page if you collect information from your visitors. You will describe to the visitors exactly how you are gathering data, how you are planning to use them, or if you are sharing those data with third parties or not. However, a Privacy Policy is a must-have page if you want to add Google Adsense or a Google Analytics account on your website. The CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will examine and look after this page. So, make sure that you are writing properly. 
  • Terms of Service: Making a Terms of Service page is a good idea if your blog is also managing a store or trading services. It will help to reduce your potential liability.

The above static pages are usually be linked in the footer menu of a blog. So, you can add those page’s links to the bottom footer menu of your blog. But make sure that they are visible and easily obtainable from the home page. 

However, there are also has some other static pages that you can arrange to add depending on what befits your blogging website or business. Some basic static page samples are an advertising page to approach paid advertisements, a resource page that redirects your visitors to a different link, a donations page, or a page where others can submit ideas and contents.

Dynamic Webpage: The dynamic web pages are the most important content that your blog can offer. This is the page where you, as an author, will introduce your website with your label of informative content that satisfies your visitors with knowledgeable tips and tricks, facts, ideas, and fantasies. It will be the way how you involve your visitors and grasp them to come back for more beneficial content.

Finally, you must post your content on your blog regularly. Otherwise, your visitors will never build a following on your site if you don’t upload in a sequence. For example, posting content weekly and promoting these posts will help you to grow your site as a brand. In another way, you must spend several others a day behind the blog. 

How to Write Good Content for Blogging 

The post you will write should be very informative, lengthy, and attractive. We know that it’s not an easy task to always come up with a new content idea regularly. So, you can try to mix the writing tone up, and even you can change the subject to keep the content energetic and interesting. After all, it’s your decision that what you want to do. However, there are some other elements that are very important in order to write the best content. Those are: 

Describe the Content: Give your content an exciting post title that creates some intense curiosity and interest in your visitors. Try to use the first part of the blog post to sharply describe the topic of your post and present a potential hook that keeps the reader continues.

Make Shorter Paragraph: The longer the article you write, the better it will be. Try to include more information and detail on the blog. But if you make the paragraph bigger, the visitors will start to skip things, and they won’t stay long on your website. Because readers like delicacies. So, make your paragraphs short by breaking them apart. Or you can also give spaces in between the lines, give lists and quotes, add images, and always use headings and sub-headings on the title so that readers can understand what you are trying to say. 

Communicate with the Visitors: You can engage with the readers in the comment box. There is a very useful common tactic that is used to attract readers by asking meaningful questions and urging them to post in the comment section. This easy step can improve the engagement of your blog.

Write Unique Content: The content you will write should always be original and quite unique. Remember one thing, never ever plagiarize! The consequence of plagiarism doesn’t end up good. The website can get down because of it. Your article has to come out from the bottom of your heart, your knowledge base, brain, and experiences. But you can always take your topic ideas from other blogs in your range. But the main post content should come from your end.

Publish Your Blog

BlueHost won’t publish your website on the internet because they are waiting for you to finish customizing it and complete all the necessary steps before the blog goes online. 

However, when you think that your blog is now ready to take off, just hit on the “BlueHost” option, which is located at the top left corner of the menu in your WordPress dashboard. Here you will see that it says “Coming Soon Active,” and you will find an option that says, “Launch your site.” Now click on this blue  “Launch your site” button to remove the placeholder page and publish your website.

Now, it’s time for a celebration. You are now officially an owner of a blogging website. Now, start to write and publish your content. 

Step 6: Promote Your Blog and Get Visitors

Maybe you are now taking some rest, thinking that your tasks are done. But unfortunately, it’s just the beginning. Now it’s time to promote your blog and attract visitors. You may not know how to promote a blog website. But fear not, we got your back covered. 

Below we shared some useful strategies which will help you to promote your blog and get enormous visitors. But it doesn’t mean you have to use all the strategies that we showed. Using only a few of them is enough. Now let’s get started. 

Share with Your Inner Circle: Your inner circle should be the first to be aware of your blog. It can be your family members, friends, colleagues, or others. Encourage them to follow your blog and share with others. 

Use Social Media: Whenever you post new content, try to share the link on your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube. However, you can also post some other relevant articles from other sites. But make sure that your readers find those blogs interesting. Also, use hashtags and always try to engage with the followers. 

Guest Blogging on Other Blogs: This is a useful way to promote your blog. First, you have to find some similar category websites and start to comment on their posts. Mention and refer to your website while commenting. It will help to promote the site.

Communicate with Your Visitors: When you post articles, try to ask something or tell the readers to ask questions in the comment section. Then you reply to them, and in this way, you will start to engage with the visitors. It’s very helpful for a blogging site. Not only are you posting something, but also you are helping them by answering questions. 

Collaborate with Other Bloggers: When you see that your blog is starting to get visitors, now it’s time to collaborate with other bloggers. You will make a deal that they will allow you to add your site link to their blog posts. In this way, when someone reads their posts, they will get to know about your blog. This process is also known as Backlink. But you have to collaborate with some bloggers who have enormous visitors. 

Post Regularly: Your visitors will start to fade away if you don’t post content regularly. You can create a reminder in your calendar so that you can remind yourself that you have to post something on your blog. In order to be a good blogger, you have to post regularly. But maintain the quality of your content. Otherwise, the visitors won’t come either way. And your blog’s growth will be severely injured. We know that sticking to the plan is a tough task, but it’s something that you just have to. 

Step 7: Make money from your blog.

Once you finished creating a wonderful website and posted some quality content, it’s time to unleash the main part of how to make money online. All the intentions behind creating outstanding blog content and promoting the blog are generating income. So, let’s get this thing unleashed. 

But before moving on to the steps, there is something you must know. Making money online is not something that you can do overnight. It takes a while. Don’t ever assume that you will earn money in the very first week or even in the first month. It can take from three months to even one year just to start seeing a little bit of money. Blogging is something that needs dedication, passion, and fatigue. Hence, now let’s see how you can generate money. 

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are the most common and beneficial method for passive income. It’s like referring someone. But how does it work? From the company or the marketplace that you want to be an affiliate partner, you will get a special tracking link. Then, you will start to share that link in your blog posts or email to the subscribers. When someone clicks on that link and buys a product, and completes the transaction, then you will get some percentage of that amount. 

You are getting paid for bringing new customers to that company. And this is how it works. There are so many companies and marketplaces that offer affiliate programs—for example, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, BlueHost, Elementor, and so on. So, you can try to earn money from affiliate programs. 

Sponsored Blog Content

When you get a huge amount of visitors to your site, then you can consider performing this step. Usually, Sponsored Blog Contents are when a company, brand, or someone pays you a fee to make their content appear in front of your audience by posting on your blog. This is the form of blog sponsorship. 

If you have estimated over 5,000+ monthly readers, then sponsors may interest in your blog. But it will take some time to gain that many visitors. 

Blog Advertisements

Displaying ads on your site is the most beneficial way to earn money online. You can show ads on some empty areas of your blog site. When you have a good amount of readers, you can earn money by showing ads. 

A lots of AdSense is now available for showing ads. You can send a request for approving your websites with their website so that you can display ads. The good thing is that they also offer Auto Ads features which will automatically show ads inappropriate places. It’s a good way to earn money. You can get at least $1,500/mo if you have a good amount of visitors. 

Sell Digital Downloads

Selling digital downloads like ebooks, video tutorials, e-courses, etc., is one of the most regularly used digital materials which are sold by bloggers. By giving some quality content with no shipping charge offer and keeping the price low, you can sell them quickly. 

If you think that you are remarkably proficient in your profession, then you can try to write an ebook. Then you can sell them and earn quite a lot of money. 

Final Thoughts 

Congratulations! You have now started your own blog with a custom domain name, hosting space, and a beautiful design set-up. Now all you have to do is to dedicatedly and regularly publish articles on your blog. Do not lose your passion; success will knock at your door itself. Hence, we hope that this guide has helped you to know how to start a successful blog. 


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