Visual Composer Review: Is This The Right Page Builder That You Need?

by | Aug 28, 2021

Nowadays, page builders have become the standard to build a website in WordPress. Because building a website can be an overwhelming task for many users. However, the fact is, you can win any battle if you have the right tool on your hands. And building a website is no exception to that. 

There are a lot of page builders out there that allow you to build a website without having any web developing knowledge. Obviously, not all of these builders are good enough for building a website. But Visual Composer is an exception. If you are a beginner and planning to build a website, then you can do the job very easily by using this Visual Composer page builder. 

However, in this Visual Composer review, we will show you how you can use this builder to make a professional website, features, pros, cons, and many more things. So, stick together with this article until the end to learn more about this excellent page builder. 

What is Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a WordPress page builder that includes so many premium themes and customizations. It’s actually a drag and drops page builder that makes the process of building a website easier. The user interface of Visual Composer is pretty straightforward, and no coding or programming skill is needed to utilize it. 

The most useful and handy side of this page builder that I like most is, you will get a ton of pre-built elements and premium-looking templates. You can use those readymade templates to build your website more precisely. In addition, those templates and elements are highly customizable that allows you to create the website as you want. 

Another plus point about Visual Composer is that you can easily create a responsive page design by using it. That means the page you will create will automatically be adjusted according to the device used. For instance, if you are using a mobile, the page will be adjusted according to the mobile size. And if you are using a desktop, then the page will fit with your monitor. Isn’t that awesome? 

However, there are so many highly-optimized plug-ins available for Visual Composer. Also, it works fine with almost all kinds of themes and plugins. So, there is nothing to worry about the compatibility issues. 

The true power of this excellent page builder lies in the Visual Composer Hub. It is a free cloud marketplace where you get access to over 300 ready-to-use elements, templates, and extensions. All thanks to the constant content updates, Visual Composer Hub guarantees that you can create all kinds of complex websites without even touching a single line of code. 

However, now that you learned about the greatness of Visual Composer, it’s time to dip into the key features of this awesome page builder. 

Features of Visual Composer 

Visual Composer includes a lot of useful key features that help you to design a website that looks both engaging and professional. Features and abilities are the souls of a page builder where Visual Composer has it precisely. 

You can enjoy a drag-and-drop editor, content elements, theme builder, design options, Visual Composer Hub, premium templates, and many more things that you can’t even imagine. However, let’s dive into the key features of this page builder. 

Drag-and-Drop Editor 

Visual Composer includes a feature named Drag and Drop editor that allows you to build a website very easily and quickly. For those who don’t know what a Drag-and-Drop editor is, it’s a feature that allows you to build a page by just dragging the elements on the canvas of a webpage. You can create the layout of the page visually. 

The best part? You don’t even need to know any coding or web developing skill to create a website. All thanks to the Drag-and-Drop editor; it updates all the progress instantly so that you can have a real-time editing experience. 

There are some other perks of this editor that includes the feature to customize the gaps of columns or resizing the columns with just your mouse. Last but not least, this awesome drag and drop editor works like a charm with almost any kind of WordPress theme. Additionally, you also have the ability to switch between themes that don’t affect the page contents. 

Content Elements 

There are a lot of content elements available in this Visual Composer page builder. You can use those elements to emphasize the abilities of your web pages. Those elements differ from various types of categories—for instance, a text block to a post slider.

The good thing is, you can customize these excellent content elements to the next level by using dynamic content. That indicates that Visual Composer is allowing you to create pages by using dynamic content very easily. 

However, it’s very simple and easy to edit those content elements. You can find that each of those elements has theirs individual customization options.

Even there is an option that allows you to give a custom name to the content elements. Also, you can replace them very easily or utilize the same element over the website to give more flexibility.

Theme Builder 

Nowadays, there are so many WordPress page builders available out there that come with a revolutionary feature named theme builder. The theme builder feature allows you to create theme layouts, for example, headers, footers, sidebars, and so on.

However, none of these page builders is anything compared to Visual Composer. Because the range of the theme building feature of Visual Composer is to the next level, you can use this useful feature to build custom post layouts, sidebars, headers, footers, and many more things.

If you intend to create pages including dynamic content, then you can definitely use this theme builder feature that will increase reliability. There is also an option that allows you to create global templates and apply them to your website. 

In addition, the theme builder of Visual Composer has power for sitewide headers and footers. Because of that, you can easily decide which header or footer you want to show on several pages.

The best thing that I liked most about the theme builder is that you can even enable the maintenance mode on your website. If you do so, you can easily customize the web pages without making it worse for your visitors. Isn’t that awesome? 

Design Options 

When we are talking about design and customization, there are a ton of options and features that will be helping you to create some stunning web pages. The best of the background effects options you can surely choose from to make your images and media look cool. 

As I said, you will love the effects for sure because designing you can even combine the parallax background effect and also customize the effect type and animation parameters as you want. Which I declare the most useful and cool feature in Visual Composer. 

Visual Composer will also help you to design pages in a cleaner way and precisely by allowing you to manage the margins, radius, paddings, and borders of any content elements that you use.

However, you can additionally include a gradient or a video background in your web sections. The best part? This page builder does also presents 40+ unique shape dividers for customizing your sections.

There are also some other design options that include:

  • CSS Animations
  • Image Filters like Instagram 
  • Sticky Controls
  • Slideshow Background
  • Carousel Background
  • And so on. 

Visual Composer Hub 

If you are looking for some free or premium templates as well as content elements, then Visual Composer Hub is the right place for you. You can easily download and apply those to your website and web pages. 

The Visual Composer Hub contains a ton of content elements—for instance, slideshows, tabs, sliders, timelines, and more.

There is a library that also includes over 100 ready-made templates that you can import with just a single click and utilize on your web pages.

On the other hand, the Visual Composer Hub also has some add-ons that can be used to increase the functions of the page builder.

Premium Templates

Owning some excellent exceptional templates is a must-have thing that any page builder should have. Thanks to the Visual Composer, you can get access to over 100 awesome cool templates that you can apply to your website to make it look stunning.

Yet, hold your horses. That’s not the end of the tale.

There are so many ready-to-use templates to use on various block sections. For instance, call-to-actions, testimonials, sliders, and many more things are available. The best part? You will also get some awesome templates for using on headers, footers, or sidebars with Visual Composer page builder.

Don’t like the pre-made templates? Then you can even design your own templates and apply them to your website.

Ultimately, the Visual Composer page builder will also let you import or export the templates and use them depending on your needs. That means you can even download some cool templates which are designed for Visual Composer from other marketplaces and utilize them on your website.

Instead, you can also export your own created templates and utilize them on some other websites. In each of the ways, the Visual Composer page builder allows you to do a lot more awesome things with the help of those templates.

So, those were some of the most useful key features of Visual Composer. But that doesn’t mean it end here. There are a lot more features that will help you while building a website. Here is a list of some other features which is available in Visual Composer:

  • Responsive User Interface
  • Copy/Paste Option
  • Hiding the Elements
  • Customizing in Mobile 
  • Undo/Redo Option
  • Offers an inline editor feature
  • You can input custom CSS and JavaScript Code
  • Recycle Bin
  • Comes with Global Header and Footer feature 
  • Supports Shortcode 
  • Premium Icons like FontAwesome 
  • Supports Google Fonts 
  • Supports WooCommerce 
  • Has Site Layouts
  • Animations for Element 
  • CSS Animation-Delay
  • Auto Responsiveness for mobile version
  • SEO Optimization Support 
  • Ready for Multilingual layout 
  • Staging Support

So, as you can see from the preceding list, there is no doubt that Visual Composer is godown of full of features that are designed to assist you to design remarkable pages on WordPress.

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at the simple processes of creating a new page by using Visual Composer.

How to Create a New Page Using Visual Composer

Creating a new page by using Visual Composer is as simple as that. To build a web page, first, open your WordPress dashboard and install Visual Composer on your website. After completing the installation, you will see a page where Visual Composer asking you to create a new page. 

To go to the shortest route, you can click on that button to where it says, Create New Page. Alternatively, you can also create a new page by going to the dashboard of your website and then navigate to Pages and Add New. 

Now it’s time to give a Name for your new web page. After giving the name, you have to choose the layout. However, you can use those pre-made layouts, or even you can build the page all by yourself by adding content elements. 

There will be a button called Add Element. If you click on it, the elements tab will appear on your left-hand side. This is it. You can now start building your web page as you want. Here you have to add elements, build the layout, and design the page. 

But if you don’t want to do all the complex stuff, you can choose a template and customize it depending on your needs. Also, by clicking on the ‘Get More Templates’ button, you can get more templates from the Visual Composer Hub.

This is the way you can create a web page without even touching a single line of code. 

Pricing of Visual Composer

Now that you know about the awesome features and abilities of this page builder, you might want to buy it for building your own website. So, let us discuss the cost of Visual Composer. 

But, before diving into the premium plans, it’s a good idea to see whats the free plan does offer. So, let’s talk about the features that Visual Composer is offering in the free plan. 

It’s obvious that you won’t get the full potential features of this page builder in the free plan. There is a limited number of features that Visual Composer is offering in free plans. Which are given below: 

  • Drag and Drop Editor 
  • Design Options 
  • Background Shapes 
  • Parallax & Background Effects 
  • And lastly, the Plugin API

But if you want some amazing features like global templates, Visual Composer Hub, dynamic content, and many other things, then you have to buy the premium version of this page builder. 

Here is the pricing of Visual Composer:

Single Website: It will cost you only $49 per year if you want a single site license for this plugin. And the expiry of this plan is one year. Also, you will get all kinds of updates and care support.

3 Website: The three website plan costs only $99/year. The good thing is, you will get a 40% renewal discount on all the plans of Visual Composer.

Developers: The Developers plan will cost you only $349 per year, which will let you have a 1000-site license. 

So, that was all the premium plans that Visual Composer offers. Now it’s up to you which one you will choose. 

However, if you buy any of these plans, then you can enjoy all the features of Visual Composer that includes 200+ elements, 100+ templates, 5+ Visual Composer add-ons, the theme builder, and many more things.

Pros & Cons

Before we conclude the Visual Composer Review, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this page builder so that you don’t face any issues. But keep in mind that every good thing has its own bad side. So, if you can endure the cons somehow, you can enjoy all the pros respectively. 


  • There are a lot of content elements.
  • Lots of professional and eye-catching templates.
  • User-friendly Drag-and-drop editor interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • So many theme builder features.
  • Great selection of design & customization options.
  • Offers a large number of add-on and extensions.
  • Features a dynamic content option.


  • Through the builder is easy to use, but it seems to be a bit slow while using. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Is Visual Composer fast?

Because of the great optimization and lightweight user interface, we can say that Visual Composer is fast. The speed, powerful features, and easy-to-use editor makes Visual Composer one of the foremost advanced WordPress site builders.

Who owns Visual Composer?

Visual Composer is owned by SAP AG. They are also known as SAP NetWeaver. 

Is Visual Composer free?

Visual Composer does offer you a free plan, but there is only a limited number of features available in it. If you want full potential features, then you have to buy the premium version of Visual Composer. 


Visual Composer sure is a great page builder that allows you to make your web pages look more stunning. It is a great and feature-rich page builder which is developed for those who want to create some amazing websites without even writing a single line of code. 

But there are so many things that you should know about this builder. So, we rounded up this Visual Composer Review, where you can find all of your answers in brief. We hope that you have now acknowledged the Visual Composer. 


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